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Baryar Foods innovates with delicacies of the sub-continent to give you a bite of happiness every day. As a pioneer in spice mixes, we ensure that our products are not just convenient and easy to prepare but also deliver on the flavor.

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Zahidi Khujoor 1KG Pack

Chewy, and semi-dry in texture, the Zahidi date has a mildly sweet, nutty and buttery flavor with a subtle tang reminiscent of dried apricots....
Premium Dates
Premium Dates

Ajwa Khujoor Medium 1KG Pack

A gift of Ajwa Dates is a rare treat for date connoisseurs Known as the ‘Holy Date’, Ajwa dates have long held a special...
Premium Dates
Premium Dates

Mabroom Khujoor 1KG Pack

Grab these Mabroom dates, grown in KSA; loaded with nutirents and vitality. Rich in Essential Vitamins & Minerals and Contains Negligible Fat. They are...
Premium Dates
Premium Dates

Kalmi Khujoor 1KG Pack

Rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Without cholesterol and contains negligible fat Natural contents. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives They are a good...
Premium Dates
Premium Dates

Aseel Khujoor 1KG Pack

An Aseel date belongs to the soft date’s group, and its sugar is mostly present as invert sugar. Among all date varieties, Aseel is...
Premium Dates
Premium Dates